Timothy George

The Dagger by Timothy George 

Thomas Jet is the untested new leader of the Brotherhood, an ancient African secret society. And now, he must lead his band of brothers in a race against time to solve a mystery hidden within a medieval dagger.

Thomas’ lover, Miss Erd is kidnapped and held for ransom for the priceless artifact. The action intensifies when Russian mercenaries embark on a ruthless search for the dagger leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. The brotherhood must scramble to stay one step ahead of danger while trying to rescue their captured colleague.

The tension reaches the boiling point when the world is threatened by a new epidemic linked to the dagger. Thomas only has twenty-four hours to choose whether to protect the Brotherhood’s secrets or save his lover.

Timothy George returns with The Dagger, an action-packed thriller and the exciting sequel to his breakthrough novel Awaken.

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