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Review by Melissa Brown Levine

Awaken is a powerful story about heritage and restoration. Author Timothy George takes an innovative approach in this African-focused tale by combining mysticism and adventure while openly challenging what readers think they know about the continent’s history.

After his father’s death, Thomas Jet, an investment banker, meets Dr. Oble, an African psychic seer, when he attends his family reunion in South Carolina. Dr. Oble addresses Thomas as Jesse, the name of his late uncle. After his encounter with Dr. Oble, Thomas begins to have disturbing dreams, which leads him to reach out to the psychic. While in Virginia on business with his old Army buddy, Jack Regis, Thomas connects with Dr. Oble again to learn more about his family history. He tells Thomas about the oral history of many African tribes that was passed down through the generations. Thomas learns that he is a part of that tradition.

As a favor to Thomas, Jack, a former CIA agent, uses his connections to collect information about Dr. Oble. This act sets off a series of events that brings both Thomas and Jack to the attention of the CIA. The men later learn that a security firm called the International Bureau of Commerce (IBC), which is staffed by mercenaries, has also taken an interest in them.

When Dr. Oble summons Thomas for the final time, Thomas finds himself with other men Oble has recruited from across the country. During their awakening, the men learn that they are descendants of the leaders of seven African tribes. They are charged with regaining Africa’s greatness after centuries of colonialism and corporate pillaging. An elusive artifact and lost treasure are the keys to “The Brotherhood” achieving its goal of restoring Africa to its former greatness.

This book offers action and suspense; it is also intellectually stimulating. George exposes the reader to obscure historical references like the remote viewing programs the United States government funded from the 1970s to the mid-1990s, and the trans-Atlantic expeditions of African King Abubakari Bakr II. The idea of descendants of African tribes accepting the call to rebuild the continent, which has been ravished for so many years, makes for an exciting storyline. I found myself not only cheering for the main characters, but also enlightened by George’s descriptions of African culture. The ending leaves the reader wanting to know more about the exploits of Thomas and “The Brotherhood.” I suspect (and hope) a sequel will be forthcoming.

Awaken is provocative and insightful. I highly recommend it.

Melissa Brown Levine

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Timothy George takes his readers along with Thomas Jet the protagonist into the history of the continent of Africa.

An investment banker, Thomas Jet meets a psychic, by the name of Dr. Oble at his family reunion.  After meeting with Dr. Oble Thomas starts having distressing dreams, which prompts him to seek help.  The story really begins when Thomas learns he is part of a group of men that have been recruited from all over the world. It is during what is called their "awakening" that they find out about their individual history to Africa and their ancestral lineage. 

Awaken by Timothy George is a story about brotherhood, history and organizations such as the CIA and (IBC) International Bureau of Commerce. The story is filled with action which makes for a page turning experience, on the edge of your seat read.   The title and the cover fit well for the storyline. The reader easily connects with the highs and lows of the character. It will have your emotions all over the place wanting the best for Thomas. Overall this was a great read! 

By Missy



Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards - Review

The writing crackles with authenticity, and tells an exciting and thought provoking story that lends itself well to the thriller genre. The crosscutting of scenes and is cinematic in nature, and so this book would lend itself quite well to being filmed commercially. The cast of characters, especially Thomas as he emerges to become the primary protagonist, are, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to command center stage thoughout the novel, and will successfully hold the readers interest in wanting to know what will happen next. 

By Judge 23


Lynia White is a columnist, book reviewer and the founder of The Quality Corner Bookstore


Fufua means "awaken" in Swahili. To awaken means "to wake up; to rouse to action; to come or bring to an awareness." In Timothy George's novel, Awaken, he vividly paints a picture of a character that is awakened to his role and purpose in life.

This fast-paced story has many twists and turns. It is truly unpredictable. Timothy George takes his readers on a roller coaster. The adventure is very thrilling and entertaining. George's masterful use of suspense keeps the reader enthralled. This novel is one-of-a-kind and a must-read.

Lynia White is a columnist, book reviewer and the founder of The Quality Corner Bookstore. For more book reviews by Lynia, visit her blog at www.thequalitycorner.com.


Awaken by Timothy George